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Paint Township

Somerset County
1741 Basin Drive
Windber, PA 15963


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Ordinances of Paint Township

Public Safety

Ordinance 2022-3 Paint Township Solar Ordinance

Ordinance 09-2 Regulate The Kinds And Classes of Vehicular Traffic

Ordinance 05-2 Prohibiting Nuisances

Ordinance 95-107A and 95-107 Traffic Regulation, Parking and Maximum Speed

Ordinances of Paint Township Continued

Sanitary Sewer

Sewage Disposal System Rules and Regulations Revised 3/08

2010-5 Resolution to Sewer Use Ordinance

2010-7 Resolution to Sewer Use Ordinance

Sewer Use Ordinance Requiring Testing 09-4

Sewage Disposal System Rules and Regulations 06-4-A

Fees and Charges 97-115

Fees and Charges 86

2017 Sewage Enforcement Fee Schedule

Connection Ordinance 80

CO-80 Application for Permit to Connect to Sewage System

1997 Amendments to Rules and Regulations, Approval of Sketch Plan

1990 Rules and Regulations Initial Rules and Regulations for Public Sewage


Wind Energy System's (Windmill)

Stonycreek River Watershed Stormwater Management

Stonycreek River Watershed Stormwater Management Appendix C

Subdivision and Land Development Regulations

Ordinance 07-1 Outdoor Furnaces

Ordinance 33 Permit For Road Opening Or Cutting

Ordinance to Administer And Enforce Construction Code

Ordinance To Obtain A Building Permit And Development Within Areas Subject To Flooding.

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