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Paint Township Planning Commission

1741 Basin Drive
Windber, PA 15963

Robert Feather, Chairman
John Venzon, Vice Chairman
Patrick Greer, Secretary
Dennis Hutchison
Tom Pomroy

Phone: 814 467-9788
Fax:      814 467-6679


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Meeting Minutes

2023 minutes
2022 minutes
2021 minutes
2020 minutes
2019 minutes
2018 minutes
2017 minutes
2016 minutes
2015 minutes
2014 minutes
2013 minutes
2012 minutes
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2009 minutes

Planning Commission Meetings

The meetings of the Paint Township Planning Commission are held at the Municipal Building. The Planning Commission does not hold a meeting in December.

Meeting Dates For 2021

Click here for a document listing the 2021 Meeting Dates.

Comprehensive Plan

Preliminary steps taken towards a comprehensive plan for the Township.


Preliminary steps taken towards Zoning in the Township.

First step when proposing a Subdivision

Your first step when proposing a Subdivision is to meet with the Planning Commission at a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting.

Note on Application Review

It is in the interest of the Applicant that he/she or their representative (engineer, surveyor, attorney, etc...), be present during the review of the application at the Planning Commission meeting.

Note on Lot Line Changes

It is noted that the wording "Lot Line Change" be in the title of the plan and an "Accessory Note" heading with the wording of "All lots are to be joined in common with lands of adjacent adjoiner to become one piece of parcel of land and may not be sold independently of the existing properties without prior subdivision approval" be on all plan submissions of Lot Line Changes. This is to satisfy Section 404.4 line #10 of the Paint Township Subdivision and Land Development Regulations.

Subdivision and Land Development Regulations of Paint Township

Application and Plans

The official filing date shall be the date of the regular meeting of the Paint Township Board of Supervisors next following the date the application and plans are received at the Township Building provided that if said regular meeting shall occur more than thirty (30) days following the submission of the application, the official filing date shall be the thirtieth (30th) day following the day the application has been submitted. On receipt of an application for subdivision or land development approval the Paint Township Board of Supervisors shall affix to the application both the date of submittal and the official filing date.

Subdivision and Land Development Regulations.
Submission for Subdivision or Land Development Approval App.
Subdivision Guide.
Developers Agreement.
Appeals Board resolution.


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