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Pennsylvania State Police, Somerset Barracks

Click here for link to Pennsylvania State Police, Troup A, Somerset.

District Attorney Somerset County

Click here for link to District Attorney
111 East Union Street, Suite 40
Somerset, PA 15501
Phone: 814 445-1456
Fax: 814 445-1458

Victim Services

Click here for a link to Victim Services.

When to call 911

  • If you are witnessing a crime in progress.
  • If you smell smoke or see a fire.
  • To report an accident.
  • If someone calls you for help.
  • Or anything that you may consider an immediate emergency.
When calling 911, stay calm, speak clearly to the dispatcher and tell them the nature of your emergency, address or location of the emergency. Please give them your name, address and telephone number. Please do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to.

Animal Control

Frank Meyers, Dog Officer
Phone: 814 445-1515

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